What one would expect from the Upcoming Maruti Rs 7 Lakh Electric Car

For some time now, many people have been expecting some news from Maruti regarding electric vehicles. The company has been planning to introduce their EVs that would adopt the WagonR design. Some sources say that Maruti has given up on this new market even before trying it, but people are still hopeful given that it promised it would commence as soon as the infrastructure became ready. There is light at the end of the tunnel, given the long wait, since there is an upcoming Maruti Rs 7 Lakh Electric Car. Here are some expectations.

There are high chances that Maruti knows what its competitors are already offering. Logically, they would choose to provide just that or something even better to be at an advantage. At the moment, most electric vehicles out there take over 6 hours to charge. If the WagonR EV wants to have the upper hand in the market, then there are high chances it will have a shorter charging time. It would also emulate the Nexon EV that has a fast-charging option. After all, this EV takes about an hour to charge fully when using the Tata Power Fast Charging stations.

When on a full charge, its range will most likely fall within the 250 km range. Its lead in charging time will play a huge role in determining its range numbers. As of now, Nexon EV has the least, which is 312 km, whereas Mercedes-Benz EqC has the most, which is 430 km. It wouldn’t come as a surprise if the upcoming Maruti Rs 7 Lakh Electric Car offered extra features such as wireless charging and connected car technology. One should also expect a regenerative braking feature. It is one way of getting on par, if not ahead of its competitors, since it gives it extra range numbers.

Since Maruti is already good at it, the style won’t differ from the existing ones. For instance, the exterior will be more or less the same, with the only slight difference being graphics. After all, Maruti might choose to add them to its body for it to stand out. There will also be the exterior, which will most likely remain the same. However, it goes without saying that there will be extra space at the console’s center. That’s for an apparent reason, which is the electric vehicle won’t need a gear knob. So far, it is not yet out. However, the Upcoming Maruti Rs 7 Lakh Electric Car could see the light of the day soon. Once it is out, one will see what the company has to offer its customers. Whether it will change how people see electric vehicles also remains a mystery.