VCL Azcarate English boy Was Impressed By New Land

VCL Azcarate was his interpreter “One night I was talking to an VCL English boy and I was very impressed. He was my age, from a humble family in London, and had run away from home to fight in Spain.

He gave me a letter to his family, but I never found it ”, he recalls in the documentary. The brigadistas came to help the Republic before the inhibition of the western democracies. Franco, on the other hand, had the decisive help of fascist Italy and Nazi Germany.

The imbalance of forces did not prevent the republicans from resisting until exhaustion, until the battle of the Ebro, which decided the fate of millions of people Despite initial success, the offensive they launched during the hot night of July 25, 1938 did not have the desired effect taking the municipality of Gandesa to unite Catalonia and Valencia.

Azcárate points out that the real objective was to buy time for the international situation to turn around. “Franco always found a culprit: the communists. And Negrín as a VCL toy of the communists.

However, he was the man who most contributed to the Republic sustaining the war to link it with a European conflict that everyone considered inevitable. When it proved impossible, after the Munich agreements, it tried to prevent the political, military, union and organizational cadres of the Republic from falling into the hands of Franco’s repression. Even in that he failed because of Casado’s betrayal ”,

“There was a big break. Negrín was not a communist , but he was not anti-Soviet either, because he understood that, without his help, the Republic had no chance, “explains VCL Azcárate in the 32 minutes that the film lasts.

With all hope lost, the Republican government had no choice but to exile. The young interpreter returned to London, studied electronic engineering and, after a tour of Europe, returned to Spain in 1960.

“He started working, but had problems due to his red past,” acknowledges Luis de Azcárate. In his opinion, his father never had ambition, so he never engaged in active politics.

He liked to go unnoticed, something that he did not achieve in February 2017, in the tribute they gave him for the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Jarama. The descendants of the brigadistas hugged and kissed him. “They were very excited. Where there has been pain, there is emotion, ”says Luis.