Rupture PP Vox Unleashes The Dispute Over The Right-Wing Electorate

Casado takes up the turn to the center and Abascal aspires to widen his political space

The relationship between Pablo Casado and Santiago Abascal personal and political has radically changed since their brutal breakup during the debate on Voxs vote of noconfidence and that upheaval will have consequences in the centerright space

In the PP they defend with pride the new return to the moderate and proEuropean center of Casado and think that this turn gives him more options to one day reach the Presidency of the Government

In Vox they consider that Casado has already abandoned the entire right and leaves that space free to grow and be the only tough and credible opposition to Pedro Sánchez

Casados PP was in great need of insulin and the enthusiastic general reception of his speech against Abascal this Thursday in Congress has been more than a glucose shot

The national leadership of the popular gathered this Friday dozens of messages and public statements from all kinds of leaders territorial barons and elected officials spread throughout Spain in which a frenzied competition of compliments towards the quality of its president and his oratory was reflected

Most of these pronouncements stressed that Casado had finally managed with that planned intervention to consolidate himself as a leader more than two years after having won the primaries in the last party congress

In the noble floor of the national headquarters what was valued the most however was that with that very therapeutic speech CasadoIt had come a little closer and through the center to La Moncloa as Pablo Montesinos the Deputy Secretary of Communication summarized

And he added This PP is the sensible alternative because instead of fighting it offers solutions instead of fanfare it offers an economic shock plan and a Health State Pact

There will be no equidistance as Vox reproaches but state negotiations could be considered The former president of Congress Ana Pastor recalled that next week they will again require from the Government support for legal reforms against the pandemic in the middle of the second wave of the virus and when the Executive is already preparing an extraordinary Council of Ministers to decree another state of alarm before the avalanche of requests from various regional governments

Montesinos and other leaders advanced the idea that in this new stage there will be censorship of the Government but also proposals and solutions It remains to be seen if the PP supports a new proposal for a state of alarm because for now they reject it

Jaime de Olano the National Deputy Secretary for Participation outlined the objective of this strategy Casado marked the line that the centerright has to follow in order to recover sooner rather than later the Government of the nation and end the dark era represented by Sánchez and Churches

Teodoro García Egea number two praised Casado as the safe value that the militants promoted two years ago in the partys Congress and presented that PP as the real forceful serious honest and responsible counterweight that Spain needs

The popular secretary general gave another clue to the underlying reason for the dramatic unchecking of Casado with Vox and the far right The antiEuropean discourse and critical of Abascals autonomic state could not count on the indifference of the PP since Europe is stopping its feet to the judicial reform of Sánchez and Iglesias thanks to Pablo Casados trip to Brussels and the autonomous communities are acting as a counterweight to the decisions of Illa Sánchez and Simón and their totalitarian drift Less talking about China and more about Chana He said in reference to the neighborhood of the same name

Vox for its part considers the implicit nonaggression pact that existed between Abascal and Casado as broken The ultra leader is considered attacked

Furthermore he was betrayed and mercilessly and unjustly kicked in his words by someone with whom he had a cordial relationship For Abascal what happened in the debate on the motion of censure has changed the landscape in a radical way he assured this Friday on EsRadio

Vox is sure to respond But it will not do so by taking revenge on the regional and municipal governments of coalition between the PP and Citizens who depend on their votes Abascal ratified it this Friday We are not going to give a proportional response to the aggression Its not going to change anything

What is going to change radically is his attitude towards the PP which has ceased to be an ally to become an adversary to beat Abascal announced this Friday that Vox will open a period of reflection

He believes that Casados unexpected speech has moved the entire political board and that the tremendous blow he gave him may end up being his opportunity

Vox was born in 2014 from a split from the PP led by discontent with the politics of Mariano Rajoy Casados victory over Rajoys successor former Vice President Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría in the July 2018 congress reduced his political space despite his spectacular electoral growth

In recent months Casados speech was often confused with Abascals and the dialectical aggressiveness of the Popular Groups former spokesperson Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo had nothing to envy the diatribes of the Vox deputy Macarena Olona Abascal had not used the adjective cowardly right against the PP for a long time

Vox believes that Casados abrupt swerve towards the political center leaves him a wide playing field According to its leader the right wing has not been divided from the inauguration debate because the PP has renounced BE the right wing

Voxs strategy involves launching a hostile takeover bid on PP voters who have become accustomed to a bitter and tense opposition and will be left politically orphans if Casado consummates the shift towards moderation and reaches state pacts with the Government as expected

To broaden his electoral base to the right and scratch votes for the PP Abascal is aware that he must file some edges of his speech

This Friday he acknowledged that he had committed some verbal excess in the congressional debate where he compared the EU with the Peoples Republic of China or with the Europe dreamed of by Hitler

The reflection that Vox announces will be aimed at shedding its most eccentric profiles to stay with the essentials in the words of Abascal the visceral confrontation with the left and the independentistas

A strategy that is to be tested already in the Catalan elections on February 14 to which they give maximum relevance and in which they will present for the first time a candidate Ignacio Garriga who served on the motion of spokesperson

After the initial confusion those responsible for Vox assured this Friday that they were receiving a barrage of new affiliations of exmilitants of the PP disappointed with Casado He has won in the newspapers he has lost among the voters the leader headlined